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Trent PR & Creative Consulting

From the New York Times to Vogue, Trent PR is an established and highly trusted, go-to source for its finely curated selection of  intelligent, interesting, and newsworthy clients and projects.

Trent PR & Consulting specializes in nurturing the careers and successes of emerging designers and artists, as well as creating new ways for the already established to further evolve.

With formal schooling and over 10 years experience in-house with brands as well as holding the position as the Los Angeles director of a New York-based PR firm, Jessica Trent founded her business in 2008 in Los Angeles. Her collective experiences as well as encouragement from designers, artists, and media fueled the desire to create her own fair and idealistic company.

Clients are not lost in the shuffle and turned over to inexperienced interns as is often the case with large PR firms. Trent PR and its team chooses to work only with a realistically manageable and complimentary roster of clients that consist of artists, designers, brands, galleries, museums, and non-profits. Jessica only works with projects and clients she feels a true connection to and affinity for—those who fall in line with a passion for art, design, culture, philanthropy, good graces and long-term success.

Trent PR & Consulting is experienced in developing long-term branding, events, marketing, retail and public relations strategies. Jessica Trent and Trent PR & Consulting has worked with individuals and small businesses as well as billion-dollar brands, creating unprecedented marketing and product placement deals between apparel brands and major film studios, spearheaded corporate sponsorships, and developed philanthropic promotions, fundraising, and collaborations with  environmental, health, and arts charities.

Trent PR & Consulting realizes that clients need to see tangible results, a real return on their investment in public relations and consulting, and that the ultimate goal is for her client to increase its market share, sales and have long-lasting success.

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